How Much Do Braces Cost?

How Much Do Braces CostMost kids and many adults have crooked teeth or gaps and over bites. It is not at all uncommon for children to need braces. You may be afraid of what this is all going to cost you, but before you get too worried, find out, and ask just how much do braces cost? It may be less expensive than you’d think. The price for getting orthodontic dental work done has dropped considerably over the past 10 years.

In today’s society, beauty is important. Little girls grow up thinking that they have to look perfect. The pictures we see in ads and on TV are always full of perfect smiles. Everyone deserves a perfect smile, regardless of what society thinks. The braces of today have really come far, too. No more wires sticking out all over your face and from your head.

Braces today are not bulky and painful. You can get clear braces and braces on the backside of your teeth, so that no one even has to know you have braces. No longer will you be taunted and called brace face. No longer do teenage boys and girls have to feel ashamed.

The price for braces has drastically declined over the past several years, making it more affordable to have that perfect smile. Dentists offer payment solutions to fit nearly every budget. Credit installment plans are created so that patients have flexible terms. With plans similar to retail credit accounts, dentists have the ability to do more for their patients than ever before. Credit card companies have found a niche market for their services by offering these installment plans to patients.

All in all, braces will cost from $5000-$7500, for standard braces. Behind the teeth braces, or lingual braces cost a little more, adding about $1500 more. However, this isn’t the case in all places. It pays to shop around for dental services, just as you would any other service. Just don’t sacrifice quality. The new Invisalign braces cost a bit less, starting as low as $3,500. Kids are much happier with today’s braces, especially the ones that are nearly undetectable. Your insurance may cover a large part of your child’s braces, check with the provider to get more details.

Braces cost a lot because they’re kind of complicated. What goes into the cost of braces? You’ll pay for brackets that go on each tooth as well as the metal or wire frames that bridge between the brackets. There are also elastic parts that hold the brackets in place on standard braces. There is a bit of customization that justifies some of the higher costs of braces. Lingual braces cost more because there is a considerable amount of custom worked involved. Invisalign braces cost less since there is less custom work required from your orthodontist. Before getting fitted for the actual braces, you’ll be wearing a retainer. The retainer cost is typically included in your overall cost of braces. This retainer will help your mouth prepare to accommodate the braces. Teeth will slowly be pushed into the correct place by the braces.

Typically, orthodontist office appointments are included in the price of braces. Your insurance may help defray the cost of these visits. Many dentists today advertise and run specials, trying to help parents out in these hard economic times. Make sure not to sacrifice quality while trying to save a buck. Check to see if your dentist has any coupons or specials running before they begin the work.

The invisible braces that are used in the Invisalign process are less expensive. This is because they consist of a removable tray that you can take in and out of your mouth as needed. While costing less initially, if you lose or damage the mouth piece, you’ll have to pay for a new one, which gets pricey.

So, when you ask yourself how much do braces cost? You’ll need to consider the many different types of braces before comming to a price conclusion. Your orthodontist will be able to recommend which type is most appropriate for your specific individual needs.


  1. Allison Tosobutal, 17. December 2009, 21:49

    My daughter is 11 and cant stop complaining to have a perfect smile. We have looked into invisalign because she refuses to go to school with metal in her mouth. Invisalign looks like it has a better chance then braces but I was curious if invisalign isn’t all its made out to be.

  2. Annabelle, 7. January 2010, 1:06

    invisalign works good but may need some touch up with braces

  3. Alex, 9. May 2010, 21:02

    I want braces because I’ve sucked my thumb all my life. I don’t want to stop and I feel ike a baby, but I know I would if I finallyg ot my braces. Thing is, my mom wants to wait until I get my molers, and she can’t afford them. I kind of want metal braces anyhow. I thing that they are cool and fashionable. Should I wait for my molers to come in, or should I get them now?

  4. DEJUANTE, 17. August 2010, 2:55


  5. Jacob Tshepo Khumalo, 4. February 2014, 14:59

    I’m 22year old,want braces so the thing is I pay cash or installmentally.
    And am living limpopo(bela-bela)were can I found the nearest surgery.


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